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fileI Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of This Jelly Roll.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2223 KB
fileI Am Your Captain.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI Believe In You.Mgx2015-07-27 19:2244 KB
fileI Can Dream, Can't I.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2217 KB
fileI Can't Be Bothered Now.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI Can't Begin To Tell You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2219 KB
fileI Can't Get Started With You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileI Can't Give You Anything But Love.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileI Can't Help It.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileI Concentrate On You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileI Could Have Danced All Night.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Could Have Told You - Arthur Williams & Carl Sigman.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileI Could Write A Book.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2211 KB
fileI Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night - Jimmy McHugh.MGU2015-07-27 19:2215 KB
fileI Cover The Waterfront.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2221 KB
fileI Cried For You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2219 KB
fileI Didn't Know What Time It Was.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2210 KB
fileI Dig Your Do - Garry Dial.MGU2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI Don't Know Why.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2214 KB
fileI Don't Know.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileI Don't Need Anything But You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2219 KB
fileI Don't Want To Cry Anymore - Victor Schertzinger.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2222 KB
fileI Don't Want To Join The Army.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI Don't Want To Know.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Don't Want To Say Goodbye.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2210 KB
fileI Don't Want To Set The World On Fire.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2219 KB
fileI Dont Know Enough About You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileI Dont Want To Walk Without You - Frank Loesser & Jule Styne.MGU2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Fall In Love Too Easily.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Found A Million Dollar Baby.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2214 KB
fileI Found A New Baby - J. Palmer & S. Williams.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Get A Kick Out Of You - Cole Porter.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2211 KB
fileI Get Along Without You Very Well.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good).Mgu2015-07-27 19:2216 KB
fileI Got Lost In His Arms.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'.Mgu2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileI Got Rhythm - George Gershwin.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2223 KB
fileI Got Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle - Frank Loesser.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Got The Sun In The Morning - Irving Berlin.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileI Gotta Right To Sing The Blues.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2215 KB
fileI Guess I'll Get The Papers And Go Home.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan.MGU2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI Had The Craziest Dream.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2217 KB
fileI Hadn't Anyone Till You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2216 KB
fileI Hate A Man Like You - Jelly Roll Morton.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Have But 1 Heart.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI Have Dreamed.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Hear A Rhapsody.Mgu2015-07-27 19:221 KB
fileI Hear Music.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI Heard You Cried Last Night.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Know What You Want.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Know Why.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Left My Heart In San Francisco.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2219 KB
fileI Left My Sugar Standing In The Rain.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2219 KB
fileI Love A Piano.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Love Little Baby Ducks.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI Love Lucy.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI Love My Love In The Morning - Gerald Griffin.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileI Love Paris - Cole Porter.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Love You - Archer Thompson.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Love You - Cole Porter.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI Love You Just The Way You Are.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI Love You, Samantha.MGU2015-07-27 19:2222 KB
fileI Loves You Porgy - George Gershwin.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2215 KB
fileI May Be Wrong.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2212 KB
fileI Mean You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Needed You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Never Had A Chance - Irving Berlin.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Never Knew I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You.Mgx2015-07-27 19:2226 KB
fileI Never Knew.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI Only Have Eyes For You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Only Want A Buddy.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Remember April.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileI Remember Bird.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2227 KB
fileI Remember Clifford.Mgu2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileI Remember Lauren.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Remember You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2212 KB
fileI Say A Little Prayer.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI See The Moon.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI See Your Face Before Me.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Shall Pass This Way But Once.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileI Should Care.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileI Should Have Known.MGU2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI Surrender, Dear.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Think Of You - Jack Elliott & Don Marcotte.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Thought About You.MGU2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileI Understand.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Wanna Be Around.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Wanna Be Like You.MGU2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Wanna Be Loved.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileI Want A Girl.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Want A Little Girl.MGU2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Want To Be Happy.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2216 KB
fileI Want To Go With You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Want To Talk About You - Billy Eckstine.Mgu2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileI Want To Walk You Home.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Went To The Enemy's Camp.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Will Wait For You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileI Will.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free - Billy Taylor.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2210 KB
fileI Wish I Knew.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI Wish I Were In Love Again.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI Wish You Love.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileI Won't Dance.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileI'd Be Lost Without You - Sunny Skylar.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI'll Always Be In Love With You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI'll Always Love You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileI'll Be A Friend With Pleasure.MGU2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI'll Be Around.MGU2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI'll Be Seeing You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2216 KB
fileI'll Be Watching You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI'll Be Your Sweetheart.Mgu2015-07-27 19:221 KB
fileI'll Close My Eyes.MGU2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI'll Forget You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI'll Get By.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2214 KB
fileI'll Know - Frank Loesser.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2211 KB
fileI'll Never Be The Same.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2220 KB
fileI'll Never Find Another You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI'll Never Say 'Never Again' Never Again - Harry Woods.MGU2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileI'll Never Smile Again.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileI'll Never Stop Loving You - Sammy Cahn & Nicholas Brodszky.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileI'll Never Stop Loving You - Sammy Cahn & Nicholas Brodszky.WAV2015-07-27 19:220 KB
fileI'll Remember April.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2211 KB
fileI'll Remember Tomorrow.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI'll Remember You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:221 KB
fileI'll See You Again.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI'll See You In My Dreams.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2269 KB
fileI'll Set My Love To Music.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI'll String Along With You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI'll Take Romance.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI'll Walk Alone - Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI'm A Dreamer, Aren't We All.Mgu2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileI'm A Fool To Want You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI'm A Lonely Little Petunia.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI'm A Loser.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileI'm All Smiles.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI'm Always Chasing Rainbows.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2217 KB
fileI'm Beginning To See The Light.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2225 KB
fileI'm Confessin' That I Love You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI'm Forever Blowing Bubbles - Kenbrovin & Kelette.MGU2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You (F).MGU2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI'm Glad There Is You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2217 KB
fileI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI'm In Love Again - A. Domino & D. Bartholomew.MGU2015-07-27 19:2247 KB
fileI'm In The Market For You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI'm In The Mood For Love.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2217 KB
fileI'm In The Mood For Swing - Benny Carter.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileI'm Just A Lucky So And So.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2220 KB
fileI'm Leaning On A Lamp Post.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileI'm Looking Over A 4 Leaf Clover.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileI'm Old Fashioned - Jerome Kern & Johnny Mercer.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2214 KB
fileI'm Past My Prime.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI'm Putting All My Eggs In 1 Basket.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2213 KB
fileI'm Sitting On Top Of The World.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI'm Slapping 7th Avenue - Elliington & Barber.MGU2015-07-27 19:2214 KB
fileI'm Stuck With You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2213 KB
fileI'm Through With Love - Matt Malneck & Fud Livingston.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2223 KB
fileI'm Walkin' By Myself.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileI'm Yours.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileI've Found A New Baby.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2211 KB
fileI've Got A Crush On You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2212 KB
fileI've Got A Feeling I'm Falling.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI've Got A Right To Sing The Blues.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2217 KB
fileI've Got Plenty O' Nuttin' - George Gershwin.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI've Got The World On A String.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2212 KB
fileI've Got You Under My Skin - Cole Porter.Mgu2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileI've Grown Accustomed To Her Face.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileI've Heard That Song Before.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2216 KB
fileI've Never Been In Love Before - Frank Loesser.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2214 KB
fileIcarus.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileIce Cream - King Mole Johnson.MGU2015-07-27 19:2210 KB
fileIda! Sweet As Apple Cider.MGU2015-07-27 19:2216 KB
fileIf Ever I Would Leave You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2215 KB
fileIf I Could Be With You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileIf I Give My Heart To You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileIf I Had My Life To Live Over.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileIf I Had My Way.Mgu2015-07-27 19:221 KB
fileIf I Had You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileIf I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake.MGU2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIf I Knock The 'l' Out Of Kelly.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileIf I Loved You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIf I Ruled The World.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIf I Were A Bell.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2226 KB
fileIf Love Ain't There.MGU2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileIf Love Is Good To Me.MGU2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIf No News Is Good News.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileIf Only I Had a Brain.MGU2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileIf There Is Someone Lovelier Than You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIf This Isn't Love.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIf Those Lips Could Only Speak.Mgu2015-07-27 19:221 KB
fileIf You Could See Me Now.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIf You Knew Susie.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIf You Leave Me Now.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIf You Never Come To Me.Mgu2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileIf You Want To Have A Joy In Your Heart.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIf You Were The Only Girl In The World.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIf You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIll Wind.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2215 KB
fileImagination.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2212 KB
fileImpossible Dream.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileImpressions - John Coltrane.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileImpressions - Ron Stebbins.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileIn A Mellow Tone.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileIn A Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2220 KB
fileIn A Shanty In Old Shanty Town.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2211 KB
fileIn A Silent Way.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIn My Solitude.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2215 KB
fileIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening - Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIn The Lurch - Dave Brubeck.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIn The Mood - Glenn Miller.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2219 KB
fileIn The Mood For Groovin' - James Moody.Mgu2015-07-27 19:220 KB
fileIn The Moon Mist.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIn The Nick Of Time.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIn The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree.MGU2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIn The Shelter Of Your Wings.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileIn The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileIn Walked Bud.MGU2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileIn Your Arms.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIn Your Own Sweet Way.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIndian Boogie Woogie - Woody Herman & Joe Bishop.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2218 KB
fileIndian Summer.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2217 KB
fileINDIANA.MGU2015-07-27 19:2214 KB
fileIndifference.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileInfant Eyes - Wayne Shorter.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileInner Urge.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileInnocents.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileInsane Load.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileInstrumental - Ron Stebbins.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileInterlude - Pete Rugolo.Mgu2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileInterplay.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileInto Each Life Some Rain Must Fall.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileInto It - Stan Getz.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileInvitation.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIs It True What They Say About Dixie.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIs You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby - Louis Jordan.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2227 KB
fileIsland Birdie - McCoy Tyner.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIsn't It Romantic.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2213 KB
fileISOTOPE.MGU2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileISTANBUL.MGU2015-07-27 19:227 KB
fileIt Ain't Necessarily So - George & Ira Gerswin.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2215 KB
fileIt Could Happen To You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2225 KB
fileIt Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2212 KB
fileIt Had To Be You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2217 KB
fileIt Happened In Monterey.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileIt Hurts Me To.Mgu2015-07-27 19:222 KB
fileIt Might As Well Be Spring.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2213 KB
fileIt Never Entered My Mind - Rodgers & Hart.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileIt Only Happens When I Dance With You.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2212 KB
fileIt Only Hurts For A Little While.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIt Started All Over Again.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIt Takes 2 To Tango.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIt Was A Very Good Year.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIt Was Almost Like A Song.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIt Was Just 1 Of Those Things.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIt's 3 O'clock In The Morning.Mgu2015-07-27 19:221 KB
fileIt's A Blue World - Bob Wright & Chet Forrest.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2224 KB
fileIt's A Grand Night For Singing.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIt's A Long Way To Tipperary.MGU2015-07-27 19:223 KB
fileIt's A Lovely Day Today - Irving Berlin.Mgu2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileIt's A Matter Of Pride.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIt's A Raggy Waltz.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIt's A Sin To Tell A Lie.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIt's A Small World After All - Sherman & Sherman.Mgx2015-07-27 19:2251 KB
fileIt's All In The Game.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIt's Alright With Me.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2214 KB
fileIt's Always You - Jimmy Van Heusen.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2225 KB
fileIt's Been A Long, Long Time - Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2221 KB
fileIt's De-Lovely.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIt's Easy To Remember - Rodgers & Hart.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2211 KB
fileIt's Impossible.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2212 KB
fileIt's June In January.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIt's Magic.MGU2015-07-27 19:2226 KB
fileIt's My Birthday.Mgu2015-07-27 19:229 KB
fileIt's Not For Me To Say.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2212 KB
fileIt's Not Where You Start.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2216 KB
fileIt's Oh So Nice.MGX2015-07-27 19:2219 KB
fileIt's Only A Paper Moon.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2217 KB
fileIt's The Little Things.Mgu2015-07-27 19:228 KB
fileIt's The Talk Of The Town.Mgu2015-07-27 19:2221 KB
fileIt's Tight Like That.Mgu2015-07-27 19:224 KB
fileIt's Too Late Baby.MGU2015-07-27 19:226 KB
fileIt's Unlikely.Mgu2015-07-27 19:225 KB
fileIt's You Or No 1.Mgu2015-07-27 19:223 KB